Chennai Metro - Travel Card Recharge

A user story - Recharge "Travel Card" to ride from Station A to Station B

Final Interaction

Process - User Story

User wants to recharge his/her “Travel Card” to ride from Station A to Station B.

Currents ways to recharge Travel Card

  • Through a kiosk at the metro station
  • From the ticket counter by a person using a app on PC

Card recharge steps

  1. User searches, selects from and to stations
  2. User is shown the ticket fare
  3. User clicks recharge
  4. User is prompted with a confirmation with details of the stations and recharge amount
  5. User pays using Paytm (a payment company like PayPal which is popular in India)

Assumptions for this exercise

  1. User already have a rechargeable “Travel Card” and linked it to the app
  2. User have a Paytm account and linked it to the app already
  3. User is a frequent traveler in Chennai Metro and familiar with the station names but not sure about the fares between different stations
  4. User has zero balance in his/her “Travel Card”


Visual Design

Final Output