Huawei Product Site and Video

We created a 3D promo video and a one page scrolling site for Huawei's Honor 6

We wanted to showcase our 3D video and website capabilities to Huawei, a leading smartphone and electronics brand. I played the role of a Creative Director and Technologist for both the video and website. The team consisted of 3D generalists, storyboard artists, art directors and animators. The objective is to showcase the key features of Honor 6, Huawei's flagship smartphone in a CG centric video and convert the video into a parallax scrolling website.

It took 8 weeks from conceptualisation to final delivery of both the site and video. Max and Vray were the primary tools for CG content creation. Clients were delighted to see a stunning promo for the phone and the same being converted into a video for the product.

Technology behind the site

For the website two approaches were explored, the first approach used two sequence of images. One set in a low resolution and one set in high resolution. The images are loaded into an array in Javascript and mapped to the browser scroll. Low resolution image is loaded initially and when user stops scrolling the current low res frame is replaced with high resolution frame. The second approach mapped the scroll to the video timeline itself. Both methods are effective in different scenario.


Screenshots from the site

Team Composition

Creative Director Creative Technologist Storyboard Artist Art Director 3D Generalist Animators Developer

Roles played by me are highlighted in orange