- Museum of Vintage

An on going experiment with WebGl and other bleeding edge web technologies

This is a side project that I started a few weeks ago, the objective is to create a site that I can eventually submit to awards sites and win some of them (Hopefully!). The site is in alpha release and still a lot of bugs to fix before its released to the public. It works fairly well in latest chrome/safari/firefox browsers.

Technology behind the site

The site uses Webgl to render vintage objects in 3D. BabylonJs is the framework used for rendering the objects in Webgl. The site leverages some of the preview features like PBR rendering to make the objects look close to being photoreal. High resolution HDR maps are used to light the objects to bring deliver highest quality rendering possible on the web. The site is CPU intensive because of the PBR rendering, still works in most of the latest mobile phones/tablets. Future releases will include an option to add instagram like filters, a series of retroish background image and download that as a wallpaper from a list of standard resolutions.

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Screenshots from the site

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